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   “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you,” is truly a pattern of thought that Krewe de Etoile shares with that quote’s author, John Bunyan.  It is this pattern of thought that has given strength to our vetting process of charitable organizations whose work is both significant and life-changing.  It is the twist that gives Krewe de Etoile great peace and anticipation.










Krewe de Etoile's signature and coveted Gala Mardi Gras celebrations will always reflect special homage to proven, effective, and merit-worthy charities.  Our Spotlighted Charities are chosen for their competency and the impact they have on improving the lives of others.  Throughout the year, Krewe de Etoile will lend to many entities, its support, via both volunteerism and service. “We want to do good, as we do well.”



The Krewe

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