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It was Christmas 2011, as Annia Jenkins, originally from Louisiana, hosted her family at her first Christmas in her new home in Dallas. The conversation transitioned into the upcoming Mardi Gras season, and how awesome it would be to introduce the Dallas Metroplex to an authentic Mardi Gras celebration and festivities through the facilitation of its first authentic Krewe. Annia (pronounced Ah'nah) discussed how many of her friends in Dallas had never experienced Mardi Gras at any level, and how they would question her about Mardi Gras. They would ask what it was all about, and why it is celebrated. It was around that table that the idea of starting an official Krewe, and bringing the true spirit of Mardi Gras, full-fledged, to the Dallas Metroplex had its birth. 


Annia eventually vetted the idea to other friends, many of whom were from Louisiana but now lived in Dallas Metroplex. In 2013 Annia, having decided an appropriate name for the Krewe, broached the idea to others whom had experienced Mardi Gras. She and family members would begin developing a written plan of execution that slowly but consistently progressed. A family member, who was a graphics designer, created the logo, and the ideas flowed into a Master Plan. 


With the Texas Star being embossed on the hearts of many Texas enthusiasts, it reflects the ‘why’ for its prominent, bold, depiction in the Krewe de Etoile official emblem. It goes without saying that the Fleur de Lis is certainly the single most recognizable symbol ever and is absolutely synonymous, and a necessary component, in the observance of the Mardi Gras season.  The original crest was tweaked and re-tweaked, to conclude a crest that was most indicative of the spirit and excitement that is truly Mardi Gras.

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